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The soft tissue of the mouth is normally lined with mucosa, which is special type of skin that should appear smooth in texture and pink in color. Any alteration of the color or texture of the mucosa may signal the beginning of a pathologic process. These changes may occur on the face, neck, and areas of the mouth (e.g., gums, tongue, lips, etc.). The most serious of these pathologic changes (which may or may not be painful) is oral cancer, but there are also many other benign common pathologic problems. In the majority of cases, the pathological changes experienced in the oral region are not life threatening.  These conditions can be detected by regular oral examinations by your dentist or oral surgeon. 

Oral Examinations/Oral Cancer Screenings

During the course of your examination, your doctor will thoroughly inspect the soft tissue of the mouth and take serious note of any changes or suspicious tissue. If there are soft tissue changes present, the surgeon will take a biopsy of the affected area and send it to be analyzed by pathology specialists. When definitive results are obtained, your doctor can decide on the best course of treatment.  

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